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PrintTicket Class

Defines the settings of a print job.

Namespace:  System.Printing
Assembly:  ReachFramework (in ReachFramework.dll)
XMLNS for XAML: Not mapped to an xmlns.

Public NotInheritable Class PrintTicket _
	Implements INotifyPropertyChanged
Dim instance As PrintTicket
<PrintTicket .../>

A PrintTicket object is an easy-to-work-with representation of a certain type of XML document called a PrintTicket document. The latter is a set of instructions telling a printer how to set its various features (such as duplexing, collating, and stapling). For example, to instruct the printer to turn on its stapler and staple print jobs in the upper left corner, the document would have a <JobStapleAllDocuments … > element that specifies StapleTopLeft. The element is, in turn, represented by the Stapling property of the PrintTicket object. The PrintTicket document must conform to the Print Schema.

The PrintTicket class enables your application to configure the printer's features without having to engage in any direct writing of XML Stream objects.

All of the most popular features of home and business file and photo printers are represented by properties of PrintTicket the class. But the Print Schema defines many more, less common, features and it can be extended to handle features of specialty printing devices. So, although the PrintTicket and PrintCapabilities classes cannot be inherited, you can extend the Print Schema to recognize print device features that are not accounted for in the PrintTicket or PrintCapabilities classes. For more information see How to: Extend the Print Schema and Create New Print System Classes.

Note   When the PrintTicket object is created with the constructor that takes a PrintTicket document (as a Stream) parameter, that entire document is stored in a non-public field in the object, including the XML elements within it that express less common features that are not represented by any of the public properties of the PrintTicket class. In fact, if the driver that produced the PrintTicket document is using a private extension of the Print Schema, that privately defined markup is also stored as part of the non-public PrintTicket document.

The following example shows how to determine the capabilities of a specific printer and how to configure a print job to take advantage of them. For the complete example, see Creating an XPS Document Sample.

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