Enterprise Search Property Filters

SharePoint 2007

By using property filters, you can narrow the focus of the keyword search based on the following:

  • Managed properties

  • Scopes

  • Collapsed results

For information about managed properties, see Managing Metadata. For information about search scopes, see Working with Search Scopes.

<property name>:<value>
<scope name>:<value>
<collapsed results type>:<value>

Keyword property filters have no maximum length; however, the full length of the keyword query should be less than 1024 characters.

You can specify a prefix, which includes part of a word, from the beginning of the word, for keyword property filter queries.

Keyword syntax supports querying on the full set of managed properties for any properties of a string or numeric type.

Name Description Examples


The URL property.

The value specified must meet the following criteria:

  • If a URL folder name contains a space, it must be enclosed in double quotation marks (" ").

  • A URL folder name must not end with a trailing slash ("/").



The author name property.

If author name contains a space, enclose the specified value in double quotation marks. (" ").


author:"John Smith"



Collapsing filter. Requests duplicate items for the specified URL.



Compound scope. Specify the friendly name of scope.

scope:"Marketing Content"

When the query is executed, the following items are not validated:

  • URL or site names (if a specified name does not exist in the index, no results are returned)

  • File name extensions (if the extension does not exist in the file name extension list, no results are returned)

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