This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PackWebRequest Properties

The PackWebRequest type exposes the following members.

Public property AuthenticationLevel Gets or sets values indicating the level of authentication and impersonation used for this request. (Inherited from WebRequest.)
Public property CachePolicy Gets or sets the RequestCachePolicy. (Overrides WebRequest.CachePolicy.)
Public property ConnectionGroupName Gets or sets the name of the connection group. (Overrides WebRequest.ConnectionGroupName.)
Public property ContentLength Gets or sets the Content-length HTTP header. (Overrides WebRequest.ContentLength.)
Public property ContentType Gets or sets the Content-type HTTP header. (Overrides WebRequest.ContentType.)
Public property Credentials Gets or sets the authentication credentials. (Overrides WebRequest.Credentials.)
Public property Headers Gets or sets the collection of header name/value pairs associated with the request. (Overrides WebRequest.Headers.)
Public property ImpersonationLevel Gets or sets the impersonation level for the current request. (Inherited from WebRequest.)
Public property Method Gets or sets the protocol method to use with the pack URI request. (Overrides WebRequest.Method.)
Public property PreAuthenticate Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to preauthenticate the request. (Overrides WebRequest.PreAuthenticate.)
Public property Proxy Gets or sets the network proxy for Internet access. (Overrides WebRequest.Proxy.)
Public property RequestUri Gets the URI of the resource associated with the request. (Overrides WebRequest.RequestUri.)
Public property Timeout Gets or sets the length of time before the request times out. (Overrides WebRequest.Timeout.)
Public property UseDefaultCredentials Gets or sets the default authentication credentials. (Overrides WebRequest.UseDefaultCredentials.)