System.IdentityModel.Selectors Namespace

Public classCardSpaceExceptionThe exception that is thrown when one or more exceptions have occurred at the "InfoCard" service level. The cause of the error will be logged in the event log.
Public classCardSpacePolicyElementThis class is intended for use by the infrastructure.
Public classCardSpaceSelector 
Public classCustomUserNameSecurityTokenAuthenticatorAuthenticates a UserNameSecurityToken security token using a custom authentication scheme.
Public classIdentityValidationExceptionException class to indicate that the recipient certificate was not valid.
Public classKerberosSecurityTokenAuthenticator 
Public classKerberosSecurityTokenProviderRepresents a security token provider that provides KerberosRequestorSecurityToken security tokens for a SOAP message sender.
Public classPolicyValidationExceptionException class to indicate that the policy supplied by the recipient could not be validated.
Public classRsaSecurityTokenAuthenticatorAuthenticates a RsaSecurityToken security token.
Public classSamlSecurityTokenAuthenticator 
Public classSecurityTokenAuthenticator 
Public classSecurityTokenManagerRepresents a security token manager that specifies how security tokens are provided, authenticated, and serialized.
Public classSecurityTokenProvider 
Public classSecurityTokenRequirement 
Public classSecurityTokenResolverRepresents a utility class that can retrieve security tokens or keys when you have a key identifier or key identifier clause.
Public classSecurityTokenSerializer 
Public classSecurityTokenVersionRepresents the specifications, such as the WS-*specifications, that security tokens are defined in.
Public classServiceBusyExceptionException class to indicate that the "InfoCard" service is busy processing other requests.
Public classServiceNotStartedException 
Public classStsCommunicationException 
Public classUnsupportedPolicyOptionsExceptionIndicates that a policy was provided to the system that included options that were unsupported.
Public classUntrustedRecipientException 
Public classUserCancellationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the user cancels an operation during the GetToken(CardSpacePolicyElement[],SecurityTokenSerializer) call.
Public classUserNamePasswordValidatorValidates a username and password.
Public classUserNameSecurityTokenAuthenticator 
Public classUserNameSecurityTokenProviderRepresents a security token provider that provides UserNameSecurityToken security tokens for a SOAP message sender.
Public classWindowsSecurityTokenAuthenticatorUses Windows authentication to authenticate the WindowsSecurityToken security token.
Public classWindowsUserNameSecurityTokenAuthenticator 
Public classX509CertificateValidator 
Public classX509SecurityTokenAuthenticator 
Public classX509SecurityTokenProvider 

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