Scopes Properties

The Scopes type exposes the following members.

Public property AllDisplayGroups Gets all the display groups for the Shared Service Provider.
Public property AllScopes Gets all of the search scopes for the Shared Service Provider.
Public property AverageCompilationDuration Gets a value approximating the average duration of the previous five scope compilations.
Public property CompilationPercentComplete Gets a value indicating the scopes compilation progress.
Public property CompilationScheduleType Gets or sets the type of schedule for scope compilation.
Public property CompilationState Gets the scope system state.
Public property LastCompilationTime Gets the time when the last scope compilation completed.
Public property NextCompilationTime Gets the time for the next scheduled scope compilation.
Public property Parent Gets the parent SearchContext object.
Public property ScopesNeedingCompilation Gets the number of scopes that need to be compiled.

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