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Record Center File Processing

SharePoint 2007

The following figure shows the process performed on each file submitted to a records center site through any mechanism, including the user interface, object model, and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Records repository file submission process flow

Ensure File Name Uniqueness   To prevent files from being overwritten, Office SharePoint Server 2007 first appends a random number to each file name to ensure its uniqueness. Therefore, even if multiple versions of the same file are submitted, each has a unique file name when it is saved to the records center.


If the original file name with the random number appended exceeds the allowed file name length for SharePoint files, the original file name is truncated to preserve the complete random number.

Determine the Storage Location and Generate XML Documents   Next, Office SharePoint Server 2007 consults the record routing type table. If the file was submitted with a valid record routing type name or alias, Office SharePoint Server 2007 can determine the file's appropriate storage location. If the file is not submitted with a valid records series name, it is stored in the default location.

In either case, Office SharePoint Server 2007 determines whether the file has all the metadata it needs for the location in which it should be stored. If not, Office SharePoint Server 2007 places the file in temporary storage until the user can enter the metadata. After Office SharePoint Server 2007 receives the required metadata, it moves the file to the appropriate record routing type document library.

Finally, Office SharePoint Server 2007 generates XML documents from the file's metadata and audit history.

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