Excel Web Services

This section contains information about Excel Web Services and explains how to use it to develop custom applications.

In This Section

Accessing the SOAP API

Find out how to call the Web service by referencing the Excel Web Services WSDL (Web Services Description Language).

Loop-Back SOAP Calls and Direct Linking

Learn when to link to Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.WebServices.dll locally.

Walkthrough: Developing a Custom Application Using Excel Web Services

Get step-by-step instructions on how to create a Web service client application that accesses Excel Web Services.

Excel Services Error Codes

Read about the error codes for Excel Web Services alerts and the associated messages, explanations, and resolutions.

How to: Set Credentials

Learn how to set credentials for your users so they can call Excel Web Services using your custom applications.

How to: Get an Entire Workbook or a Snapshot

Learn how to get an entire workbook, a snapshot of the file, or a snapshot of the viewable sheets or objects in the file by using Excel Web Services.

How to: Save a Workbook

Learn about using the various libraries in the Microsoft .NET Framework to save a workbook.

How to: Get Values from Ranges

See some examples of the four methods for getting values from an Excel workbook.

How to: Set Values of Ranges

Learn how to use the four methods for setting values in an Excel workbook.

How to: Specify a Range Address and Sheet Name

Learn how to specify range addresses by using range coordinates, named ranges, rows, and columns, how to specify a sheet name, and the relationship between a sheet name and a range address.

How to: Use the CloseWorkbook Method Call Asynchronously

Find out how to close a workbook asynchronously to save some operation time.

How to: Refresh Data

Learn how you can use the Refresh method to retrieve updated data from external data sources for the open workbook.

How to: Use the SubCode Property to Capture Error Codes

Get examples that show how to capture Excel Services error codes when using SOAP and when using direct linking.



The Excel Web Services API.

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