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System.IO.Log Namespace

The System.IO.Log namespace defines an interface for logging to a record-oriented sequential I/O system.

  Class Description
Public class FileRecordSequence Implements an IRecordSequence on top of a file. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class FileRegion Represents a region of a file to be archived. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class LogArchiveSnapshot Represents a snapshot of the LogStore instance that can be used to generate an archive.
Public class LogExtent Represents a disk extent that contains log data.
Public class LogExtentCollection Represents the collection of LogExtent objects associated with a LogStore.
Public class LogPolicy Represents the policy associated with a LogStore.
Public class LogRecord Represents a log record that has been appended to a sequence.
Public class LogRecordSequence Represents a record sequence stored in a LogStore.
Public class LogStore Represents a log-structured storage.
Public class ReservationCollection Manages the collection of space reservations made in a record sequence.
Public class ReservationNotFoundException Represents the exception that is thrown when a specific space reservation in a LogRecordSequence is not found.
Public class SequenceFullException Represents the exception that is thrown when a sequence of log records is full.
Public class TailPinnedEventArgs Provides data for the TailPinned event. This class cannot be inherited.

  Structure Description
Public structure PolicyUnit Represents a size measurement in a log store policy.
Public structure SequenceNumber Represents a sequence number assigned to a log record in a record sequence.

  Interface Description
Public interface IRecordSequence Provides a generic interface to a sequence of records.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration LogExtentState Describes the current state of a LogExtent instance.
Public enumeration LogRecordEnumeratorType Specifies the manner in which records should be read from a LogRecordSequence.
Public enumeration PolicyUnitType Specifies the unit of measurement of a PolicyUnit instance.
Public enumeration RecordAppendOptions Specifies how records are appended.
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