Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.WebServices namespace

Provides types and members for Publishing Web services.

  Class Description
Public class ContentSlice Represents slices of data in a specified web application.
Public class FriendlyUrl Represents a structure that is returned by the web services to give the values of all properties of a FriendlyUrl object.
Public class FriendlyUrlBasedWeb Stores the relevant properties of a web that contains FriendlyUrl objects.
Public class OtherProperty Represents a simple key-value pair that is used for returning key-value pairs from web methods.
Public class PublishingService The SOAP interface for the Publishing Web Service.
Public class SharepointPublishingToolboxService Gets toolbox information for Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010.

  Structure Description
Public structure PanelInfo Information about a the required tool panel in SharePoint Designer

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ChangeType An enumeration that is used by the FriendlyUrl class and the FriendlyUrlBasedWeb class to indicate whether the returned entity was updated, changed, or added.