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SharePoint 2007

The URL attribute of the Action object can take parameters. The ActionParameter object defines the parameters the action accepts.


ActionParameters are associated with TypeDescriptors that belong to the TypeDescriptor returned by the SpecificFinder MethodInstance of the entity. Therefore, the ActionParameter name should be a name of a TypeDescriptor returned by the SpecificFinder MethodInstance. Also, as with any other MetadataObject, ActionParameter names must be unique under the scope of the action.

   <Action Name="Search product on MSN" Position="1" IsDisplayed="true" 
   Url="http://search.msn.com/results.aspx?&amp;q={0}" ImageUrl="">
         <ActionParameter Name="Name" Index="0" />

Child Type Occurs Default Limits / Accepted Values Description


Attribute (bdc: Ordinal)


Min.: 0

Index of the placeholder (or "format item") in the URL to which this parameter corresponds.




Min.: 1

Action Parameter names correspond to the name of a TypeDescriptor in the Specific Finder View of the Entity. Action Parameter is bound to the TypeDescriptor using the Name property. In the event of multiple TypeDescriptors with same name, the Action Parameter will be bound to the first TypeDescriptor in Specific Finder View. Action Parameter name must be unique in the scope of the action.

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