Common Page and Site Customization Tasks

This section contains detailed, step-by-step procedures for common page and site customization tasks.

In This Section

How to: Customize Navigation

Customize navigation with the object model and the ASP.NET Site Navigation mechanism.

How to: Create a Minimal Master Page

Learn how to create a master page that includes the minimum functionality that Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 requires.

How to: Customize Page Editing Toolbar Components

Modify the page editing toolbar to provide quick, custom access to page editing functions according to user permissions and page context.

How to: Add a Button to the HTML Editor Field Control

Work with the RTE2ToolbarExtension.xml file and JavaScript code to add a button to the HTML Editor field control.

How to: Customize the HTML Editor Field Control

Work with the Publishing HTML column type to add enhanced HTML editing capabilities to your pages.

How to: Customize the Asset Picker

Modify pickers to allow users access to custom content.

How to: Customize Styles

Use XML style sheets and templates to customize individual page elements.

How to: Customize the Content Query Web Part by using Custom Properties

Learn how to use custom properties to modify the appearance and behavior of the Custom Query Web Part.

How to: Display Custom Fields in a Content Query Web Part

Modify a Content Query Web Part so that it displays custom fields.

How to: Create a Custom Field Control (Movie Control)

Demonstrates how to create a custom field control to host video.

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