Business Data Catalog

SharePoint 2007

Business Data Catalog, a new feature introduced in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, provides an easy way to integrate business data from back-end server applications, such as SAP or Siebel, within Office SharePoint Server 2007 without writing any code. This section contains overview information and step-by-step, how-to procedures for programming with the Business Data Catalog.

In This Section

Business Data Catalog: Overview

Learn about this new business integration feature that enables Office SharePoint Server 2007 to surface business data from back-end server applications without any coding.

Business Data Catalog: Architecture

Business Data Catalog comprises a metadata repository and an object model that provide a unified and simple way to invoke operations and a consistent, object-oriented programming interface for business logic that lives in the various business applications.

Business Data Catalog: Roles and Development Life Cycle

Four roles—business analyst, metadata author, administrator, and developer—are necessary to create and deploy business data solutions in an Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment.

Business Data Catalog: Development Scenarios

Review development scenarios for authoring metadata and building custom applications with Business Data Catalog.

Business Data Catalog: Metadata Model

Learn how Business Data Catalog provides homogeneous access to the underlying data sources with a declarative metadata model that provides a consistent and simplified client object model.

Modeling Database Systems

A one-stop-shop for resources related to modeling database systems in the Business Data Catalog.

Modeling Web Service Systems

A one-stop-shop for resources related to modeling Web service systems in the Business Data Catalog.

Authoring Metadata

Find detailed, step-by-step procedures for authoring metadata for business applications to work with Business Data Catalog.

Building Custom Applications Using the Business Data Catalog

Get how-to information and code examples for building custom applications with Business Data Catalog.

Business Data Catalog: Security Model

Learn about the Business Data Catalog authentication and authorization model.

Troubleshooting Business Data Clients and Metadata

Find tips for easy debugging and troubleshooting of metadata-related errors and run-time exceptions.

FAQ: Business Data Catalog

Find tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Business Data Catalog: Glossary

Get definitions of terms commonly used with Business Data Catalog.


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