SQL Extensions in Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 supports SQL search syntax based on the SQL-92 and SQL-99 standards, and improves full-text, document-based searches in document-management or knowledge-management applications. Following are the improvements included in Enterprise Search.

While SQL-92 and SQL-99 restrict column and other identifiers to 18 characters, Enterprise Search supports 128-character column names.

In addition to searching that is not case-sensitive, Enterprise Search supports searching that is not sensitive to accent.

Although full-text content indexing has no defined set of columns, queries can require that members of the result set do or do not have specified columns. It is not possible to differentiate between a document with the property but its value is NULL, and a document that does not have the property.

The thesaurus is a query-expansion search feature that allows you to type a phrase in a search query and receive results for related words. The thesaurus also enables you to affect search ranking by assigning weights to words.