Walkthrough: Creating an ASP.NET Web Part for the AdventureWorks Business Data Application Sample

SharePoint 2007

To separate the search results from a Business Data Catalog application from the regular search results a user sees on the Documents tab in the Search Center, you can create a new tab and custom search pages for business data searches. When you create a custom search page for a business data search, you can use the existing Search Web Parts, and configure them to search business data. Walkthrough: Add a Tab and Custom Search Page with Enterprise Search Web Parts to the Search Center describes the steps to do this.

If you find that these Web Parts do not meet your requirements you can create custom Web Parts that use the Query object model to replace the Search Web Parts.

This walkthrough guides you through the steps to create a custom Microsoft ASP.NET Web Part to search content from the AdventureWorks2000 sample, and add it to your site's Search Center.

Before you begin this walkthrough, make sure you have the following in your development environment:

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