FrameworkPropertyMetadata.FrameworkPropertyMetadata(Object, FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the FrameworkPropertyMetadata class with the provided default value and framework-level metadata options.

Namespace: System.Windows
Assembly: PresentationFramework (in presentationframework.dll)

public FrameworkPropertyMetadata (
	Object defaultValue,
	FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions flags
public FrameworkPropertyMetadata (
	Object defaultValue, 
	FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions flags
public function FrameworkPropertyMetadata (
	defaultValue : Object, 
	flags : FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions
You cannot use constructors in XAML.



The default value of the dependency property, usually provided as a value of a specific type.


The metadata option flags (a combination of FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions values). These options specify characteristics of the dependency property that interact with systems such as layout or data binding.

Exception typeCondition


defaultValue is set to UnsetValue; see Remarks.

The type of the value provided for defaultValue must match or be related to the type specified in the original registration of the dependency property that this metadata will be applied to. Mismatches between metadata default value type and the type of the dependency property it is being applied to can be difficult to debug, because the mismatch is not detectable during compilation. The property system does not evaluate the effective value of a property until run time, so the result of a default value type/property type mismatch is a run-time error.

The value UnsetValue has special meaning in the property system, and cannot be used as a dependency property default value.

Values marked as set flags in the flags parameter will set the Boolean value of FrameworkPropertyMetadata properties that match that FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions flag's name to true. You can subsequently change the values of the properties in the metadata, as long as the metadata has not yet been applied to a specific property system operation.

The following example calls this constructor signature:

static FrameworkPropertyMetadata fpm;


  fpm = new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(
      (FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions.AffectsRender |

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