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PrintServer.GetPrintQueues Method (EnumeratedPrintQueueTypes[])

Gets the collection of print queues of the specified types that are named in EnumeratedPrintQueueTypes and hosted by the print server.

Namespace: System.Printing
Assembly: System.Printing (in system.printing.dll)

Public Function GetPrintQueues ( _
	enumerationFlag As EnumeratedPrintQueueTypes() _
) As PrintQueueCollection
Dim instance As PrintServer
Dim enumerationFlag As EnumeratedPrintQueueTypes()
Dim returnValue As PrintQueueCollection

returnValue = instance.GetPrintQueues(enumerationFlag)
public PrintQueueCollection GetPrintQueues (
	EnumeratedPrintQueueTypes[] enumerationFlag
public function GetPrintQueues (
	enumerationFlag : EnumeratedPrintQueueTypes[]
) : PrintQueueCollection
Not applicable.



An array of values that represent the types of print queues that are in the collection.

Return Value

The PrintQueueCollection of print queues, of the specified types, on the print server.

The following example shows how to use this method to get a subset of available print queues. For the complete example, see Enumerating a Subset of Print Queues Sample.

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