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VerbsDiagnostic Fields

VerbsDiagnostic Fields

  Name Description
public field static Debug Specifies an action that examines a resource to diagnose operational problems.
public field static Measure Specifies an action that identifies resources that are consumed by a specified operation or retrieves statistics about a resource.
public field static Ping Specifies an action that determines if a resource is active and is responding to requests.
public field static Repair Specifies an action that restores a resource to a usable condition. This field is introduced in Windows PowerShell 2.0.
public field static Resolve Specifies an action that maps a shorthand representation of a resource to a more complete representation.
public field static Test Specifies an action that verifies the operation or consistency of a resource.
public field static Trace Specifies an action that tracks the activities of a resource.

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