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Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing namespace

The Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing namespace provides the fundamental publishing infrastructure.

  Class Description
Public class AddinPlugin Represents the settings of a social plugin.
Public class AddinSettings Represents the settings of a site services add-in.
Public class CachedException Used by a cache to report a problem with an original cause that may have occurred in the past as part of a separate operation.
Public class CatalogConnectionManager Manages catalog connections that are used in a site collection.
Public class CatalogConnectionSettings Stores configuration information for the PublishingCatalogUtility object that is connected to a SPSite object.
Public class CatalogShareSettings Settings for connecting to and consuming a shared publishing catalog that is used for rendering on another site.
Public class CatalogTaxonomyFieldSettings Provides information about category fields in a shared publishing catalog.
Public class CbqQueryCache Caches the CbqQueryVersionInfo for a specified Content Query Web Part. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class CbqQueryVersionInfo Contains information about a specific version of a Content By Query Web Part.
Public class CollectionBase Base class for public collections.
Public class CollectionBase<T> Creates a generic class for all public generic collections.
Public class CommandLineSyntaxException Represents an exception thrown when the command line syntax is incorrect.
Public class ContentTypeId Provides a set of read-only properties that uniquely identify specific content types.
Public class CrossListQueryCache Manages the cache for the Cross List Query.
Public class CrossListQueryInfo Contains data about how to perform a query using a SPCrossListQuery object with audience targeting.
Public class CustomizableString Represents a string-typed property with a default value that is used if a custom value has not been explicitly assigned.
Public class DesignPackage A static class that is used to import and export a design package to and from a site collection.
Public class DesignPackageInfo Represents metadata that are related to a design package.
Public class DisposableListItemWrapper The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class DocumentToPublishingPageConversionException Obsolete. Represents the exception that is thrown when documents are being converted to publishing pages and errors occur during the conversion process.
Public class EnhancedHtmlEditing Replaces the SharePoint Content Editor Web Part rich-text editor with a more comprehensive version.
Public class FeatureIds Provides a set of read-only properties that uniquely identify specific SharePoint Features.
Public class FieldId Provides a set of read-only properties that uniquely identify specific SharePoint fields.
Public class FreezableObject Represents an abstract base class that provides a simplified version of the Freeze functionality that is defined in the Freezable class.
Public class ImageRendition Handles the metadata of an image rendition.
Public class ImageRenditionCollection Provides image rendition information for a specific site collection.
Public class InheritableProperty<TValueType> Base class for inheritable properties on the PublishingWeb class.
Public class InheritableStringProperty Represents an inheritable property of a string value.
Public class InvalidPageLayoutException Represents the exception that is thrown when an attempt is made to create an invalid PageLayout object.
Public class InvalidPublishingWebException Indicates the exception that is thrown when a property get, property set, or method related to a PublishingWeb structure fails because the PublishingWeb structure is not valid.
Public class ListItemBasedCollection<T> The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class ListItemBasedReadOnlyCollection<T> The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class ListItemWrapper The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class LongRunningOperationStatus Represents the status of the job that is currently running.
Public class MappingsFileBasePage Obsolete. Provides the code-behind for the mappings file.
Public class MediaPlayerExtensions Represents settings for the media player.
Public class MigrationHttpModule Handles URL redirection on a migrated site if the redirection is enabled.
Public class NavigationFeatureHandler Provides event handlers that are called when Navigation or NavigationProperties features are activated, deactivated, installed, or uninstalled.
Public class PageLayout Represents a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 page layout. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class PageLayoutCollection Creates a collection of PageLayout objects.
Public class PageLayoutCreationInformation Represents the information needed for a page layout to be created.
Public class PortalProvisioningProvider The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class PublishingCachablePage Represents the base class used for all page layouts and .aspx pages that use new performance enhancements in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing namespace.
Public class PublishingCache Provides the static ListCacheContents() method to output the cache contents of an SPSite object to a Stream object.
Public class PublishingCatalogUtility Utilities that publish a list or a library as a publishing catalog for subscription from another site.
Public class PublishingHttpModule This member is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public class PublishingLayoutPage Base class for all publishing layout pages.
Public class PublishingObjectStatus Encapsulates the object status (version, deployment, times created or modified, etc.) for a generic SharePoint Publishing object.
Public class PublishingPage Provides publishing-related behavior for an .aspx page that is stored in a PublishingWeb object.
Public class PublishingPageCollection Represents a collection of PublishingPage objects.
Public class PublishingSite Provides publishing behavior for an SPSite object that supports publishing.
Public class PublishingSoapException Represents the exception that is thrown when an error involving a SOAP operation occurs.
Public class PublishingTimerJobsFeatureHandler Handles actions related to the Publishing Timer Jobs feature.
Public class PublishingWeb Provides publishing behavior for an SPWeb instance that supports publishing.
Public class PublishingWebCollection Represents a collection of PublishingWeb objects.
Public class QueryBasedCollection<T> Represents the collection base class that provides data paging support for large collections and querying support such as sorting and filtering.
Public class ScheduledItem Provides a wrapper that includes scheduling-specific behavior for items in the SPListItem class.
Public class SearchTokenExpansion Expands search tokens.
Public class SearchTokenExpansionContext Represents the context used for a SearchTokenExpansion object.
Public class SiteCacheSettings Provides the current settings of the cache for the requested SPSite object.
Public class SiteCacheSettingsWriter Allows the user to update the site-wide cache settings.
Public class SiteDataResults Represents the result data from an SPSiteDataQuery object.
Public class SiteImageRenditions Exposes the operations to read and write image renditions from a site collection.
Public class SiteServicesAddins The SiteServicesAddins class provides methods that manage site services add-ins and social plug-ins.
Public class SpellChecker Represents the Spelling Checker Web service.
Public class SpellerLanguages Represents the list of languages supported by Spellchecker object.
Public class SummaryLink A SummaryLink object that provides a way to store Web addresses.
Public class SummaryLinkCollection A collection of SummaryLink objects.
Public class TemplateRedirectionPage Represents the page class used for all Publishing pages that use the page layout rendering model.
Public class VariationLabel Represents Variation Label objects that are managed from the "/_layouts/VariationLabels.aspx" page.
Public class Variations The Variations class exposes essential information about the Variations system in a Site Collection that is activated with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing feature.

  Structure Description
Public structure FlaggedWord Flags a misspelled or repeated word.
Public structure SavedCacheSettings Structure used to save and restore the cache settings during a deployment import operation.
Public structure SpellCheckResults Represents results returned by the Web service.
Public structure SpellingErrors List of misspellings for a chunk of text.
Public structure SpellingSuggestions Lists the spelling suggestions for a misspelled word.

  Interface Description
Public interface IDocumentConverterControl Obsolete. This interface is used for exposing settings of document converters to the user.
Public interface IPublishingPageRouter Represents an interface which can be implemented to specify how a PublisingPage object is to be routed.
Public interface IWebPartVariationUpdate An interface that is implemented by using Web Parts. Use this interface when you need to update properties for a Web Part control that is copied to a Variation site.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate BypassLockedItemDelegateMethod Bypasses record locks of the specified item.
Public delegate PublishingWeb.ProcessPublishingPage A delegate to process a PublishingPage.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AutomaticSortingMethod Provides options that specify which property to use when automatically sorting navigation items.
Public enumeration IntervalUnit The unit of a period of time.
Public enumeration NodeOrder The members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public enumeration NodeTypes Represents the various node types in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Public enumeration OrderingMethod Options that specify how navigation items are ordered.
Public enumeration PageConversionPriority Obsolete. Represents the enumeration that is passed that indicates the priority of a page conversion job.
Public enumeration PublishingObjectType Provides enumeration constants that specify Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing object types.
Public enumeration SpellCheckErrorCode Describes errors that can occur during spell checking.
Public enumeration SpellingErrorType Represents a type of spelling error, either a repeated word or a misspelled word.
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