Document Converters Overview

A document converter is a custom executable file that takes a document of one file type, and generates a copy of that file in another file type. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 includes an extensible framework for you to enable your own custom document converters for the document libraries in a given Web application.

In this section:

Provides basic conceptual information on document converters, including an overview of the conversion process, converter scope, IRM-protection, and conversion priority.

Covers how Office SharePoint Server 2007 manages the relationship between the original documents and converted copies that are generated from them.

Addresses the command line command to which document converters must respond. Also includes information about programming custom processing before and after the document conversion takes place.

Includes information about how to package your custom document converter as an Windows SharePoint Services Feature for deployment and activation.

Discusses the major objects and members with which you can program document converters and automate the document conversion process.

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