Step 5: Testing the Search BDC Web Part

Step 5: Testing the Search BDC Web Part

SharePoint 2007

After you deploy the Web Part, you are ready to test it.

To test the custom Web Part

  1. Open the Search Center site in your browser, click the Site Actions menu, and then click Create Page.

  2. For URL Name, type searchbdctest.

  3. For Title, type Test Page for Search BDC Web Part.

  4. In the Page Layout list, select (Welcome Page) Search Page.

  5. To create the page, click Create.

  6. With the searchbdctest.aspx page open in the browser, click Add a Web Part in the Top Zone.

  7. In the Add Web Parts dialog box, click Advanced Web Part gallery and options.

  8. Click Browse, and then click Import.

  9. Click Browse, navigate to the location where you saved customSearchBDC.dwp, select it, and then click Open.

    You should now see the Search BDC Web Part in the dialog box. You can drag it onto the page to use it.

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