Character Entities for Special Symbols and BIDI Text

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This table lists the named entities (NE) with their equivalent numeric character references (NCR) that are used to escape markup characters and denote spaces and dashes. Other characters in this section apply to internationalization issues, such as the disambiguation of bidirectional (BIDI) text, and special symbols.

Using NENENCRDescription
C0 Controls and Basic Latin
" " " quotation mark, =apl quote, U0022 ISOnum
& & & ampersand, U0026 ISOnum
< &lt; &#60; less-than sign, U003C ISOnum
> &gt; &#62; greater-than sign, U003E ISOnum
Latin Extended-A
Œ&OElig; &#338; Latin capital ligature oe, U0152 ISOlat2
œ&oelig; &#339; Latin small ligature oe, U0153 ISOlat2
Š&Scaron; &#352; Latin capital letter s with caron, U0160 ISOlat2
š&scaron; &#353; Latin small letter s with caron, U0161 ISOlat2
Ÿ&Yuml; &#376; Latin capital letter y with diaeresis, U0178 ISOlat2
Spacing Modifier Letters
ˆ&circ; &#710; modifier letter circumflex accent, U02C6 ISOpub
˜&tilde; &#732; small tilde, U02DC ISOdia
General Punctuation
[ ]&ensp;&#8194; en space, U2002 ISOpub
[ ]&emsp;&#8195; em space, U2003 ISOpub
[ ]&thinsp;&#8201; thin space, U2009 ISOpub
&zwnj; &#8204; zero width non-joiner, U200C NEW RFC 2070
&zwj; &#8205; zero width joiner, U200D NEW RFC 2070
&lrm; &#8206; left-to-right mark, U200E NEW RFC 2070
&rlm; &#8207; right-to-left mark, U200F NEW RFC 2070
&ndash; &#8211; en dash, U2013 ISOpub
&mdash; &#8212; em dash, U2014 ISOpub
&lsquo; &#8216; left single quotation mark, U2018 ISOnum
&rsquo; &#8217; right single quotation mark, U2019 ISOnum
&sbquo; &#8218; single low-9 quotation mark, U201A NEW
&ldquo; &#8220; left double quotation mark, U201C ISOnum
&rdquo; &#8221; right double quotation mark, U201D ISOnum
&bdquo; &#8222; double low-9 quotation mark, U201E NEW
†&dagger; &#8224; dagger, U2020 ISOpub
‡&Dagger; &#8225; double dagger, U2021 ISOpub
‰&permil; &#8240; per mille sign, U2030 ISOtech
&lsaquo; &#8249; single left-pointing angle quotation mark, U2039 ISO proposed
&rsaquo; &#8250; single right-pointing angle quotation mark, U203A ISO proposed
&euro; &#8364; euro sign, U+20AC NEW


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