Additional Named Entities for HTML

This topic displays additional character entities that can be used in HTML documents, provides the numeric character codes for these symbols, and shows how each entity is displayed in your web browser.

The following table contains additional named entities, their numeric character references (NCR), and a description. Individual character entities are displayed according to the capabilities of your browser.

For best results, use Unicode characters for extended characters and specialized symbols.

Note  As of December 2011, this topic has been archived and is no longer actively maintained. For more information, see Archived Content. For information, recommendations, and guidance regarding the current version of Windows Internet Explorer, see Internet Explorer Developer Center.

CharacterNamed entityNCRDescription
Latin Extended-B
ƒƒƒ Latin small f with hook, =function, =florin, U0192 ISOtech
ΑΑΑ Greek capital letter alpha, U0391
ΒΒΒ Greek capital letter beta, U0392
ΓΓΓ Greek capital letter gamma, U0393 ISOgrk3
ΔΔΔ Greek capital letter delta, U0394 ISOgrk3
ΕΕΕ Greek capital letter epsilon, U0395
ΖΖΖ Greek capital letter zeta, U0396
ΗΗΗ Greek capital letter eta, U0397
ΘΘΘ Greek capital letter theta, U0398 ISOgrk3
ΙΙΙ Greek capital letter iota, U0399
ΚΚΚ Greek capital letter kappa, U039A
ΛΛΛ Greek capital letter lambda, U039B ISOgrk3
ΜΜΜ Greek capital letter mu, U039C
ΝΝΝ Greek capital letter nu, U039D
ΞΞΞ Greek capital letter xi, U039E ISOgrk3
ΟΟΟ Greek capital letter omicron, U039F
ΠΠΠ Greek capital letter pi, U03A0 ISOgrk3
ΡΡΡ Greek capital letter rho, U03A1
ΣΣΣ Greek capital letter sigma, U03A3 ISOgrk3
ΤΤΤ Greek capital letter tau, U03A4
ΥΥΥ Greek capital letter upsilon, U03A5 ISOgrk3
ΦΦΦ Greek capital letter phi, U03A6 ISOgrk3
ΧΧΧ Greek capital letter chi, U03A7
ΨΨΨ Greek capital letter psi, U03A8 ISOgrk3
ΩΩΩ Greek capital letter omega, U03A9 ISOgrk3
ααα Greek small letter alpha, U03B1 ISOgrk3
β;ββ Greek small letter beta, U03B2 ISOgrk3
γγγ Greek small letter gamma, U03B3 ISOgrk3
δδδ Greek small letter delta, U03B4 ISOgrk3
εεε Greek small letter epsilon, U03B5 ISOgrk3
ζζζ Greek small letter zeta, U03B6 ISOgrk3
ηηη Greek small letter eta, U03B7 ISOgrk3
θθθ Greek small letter theta, U03B8 ISOgrk3
ιιι Greek small letter iota, U03B9 ISOgrk3
κκκ Greek small letter kappa, U03BA ISOgrk3
λλλ Greek small letter lambda, U03BB ISOgrk3
μμμ Greek small letter mu, U03BC ISOgrk3
ννν Greek small letter nu, U03BD ISOgrk3
ξξξ Greek small letter xi, U03BE ISOgrk3
οοο Greek small letter omicron, U03BF NEW
πππ Greek small letter pi, U03C0 ISOgrk3
ρρρ Greek small letter rho, U03C1 ISOgrk3
ςςς Greek small letter final sigma, U03C2 ISOgrk3
σσσ Greek small letter sigma, U03C3 ISOgrk3
τττ Greek small letter tau, U03C4 ISOgrk3
υυυ Greek small letter upsilon, U03C5 ISOgrk3
φφφ Greek small letter phi, U03C6 ISOgrk3
χχχ Greek small letter chi, U03C7 ISOgrk3
ψψψ Greek small letter psi, U03C8 ISOgrk3
ωωω Greek small letter omega, U03C9 ISOgrk3
ϑϑϑGreek small letter theta symbol, U03D1 NEW
ϒϒϒ Greek upsilon with hook symbol, U03D2 NEW
ϖϖϖ Greek pi symbol, U03D6 ISOgrk3
General Punctuation
•• bullet, =black small circle, U2022 ISOpub
…… horizontal ellipsis, =three dot leader, U2026 ISOpub
′′ prime, =minutes, =feet, U2032 ISOtech
″″ double prime, =seconds, =inches, U2033 ISOtech
‾‾ overline, =spacing overscore, U203E NEW
⁄⁄ fraction slash, U2044 NEW
Letterlike Symbols
℘℘ script capital P, =power set, =Weierstrass p, U2118 ISOamso
ℑℑ blackletter capital I, =imaginary part, U2111 ISOamso
ℜℜ blackletter capital R, =real part symbol, U211C ISOamso
™™ trade mark sign, U2122 ISOnum
ℵℵ alef symbol, =first transfinite cardinal, U2135 NEW
←← leftward arrow, U2190 ISOnum
↑↑ upward arrow, U2191 ISOnum
→→ rightward arrow, U2192 ISOnum
↓↓ downward arrow, U2193 ISOnum
↔↔ left right arrow, U2194 ISOamsa
↵↵ downward arrow with corner leftward, =carriage return, U21B5 NEW
⇐⇐ leftward double arrow, U21D0 ISOtech
⇑⇑ upward double arrow, U21D1 ISOamsa
⇒⇒ rightward double arrow, U21D2 ISOtech
⇓⇓ downward double arrow, U21D3 ISOamsa
⇔⇔ left right double arrow, U21D4 ISOamsa
Mathematical Operators
∀∀ for all, U2200 ISOtech
∂∂ partial differential, U2202 ISOtech
∃∃ there exists, U2203 ISOtech
∅∅ empty set, =null set, =diameter, U2205 ISOamso
∇∇ nabla, =backward difference, U2207 ISOtech
∈∈ element of, U2208 ISOtech
∉∉ not an element of, U2209 ISOtech
∋∋ contains as member, U220B ISOtech
∏∏ n-ary product, =product sign, U220F ISOamsb
∑− n-ary sumation, U2211 ISOamsb
−− minus sign, U2212 ISOtech
∗∗ asterisk operator, U2217 ISOtech
√√ square root, =radical sign, U221A ISOtech
∝∝ proportional to, U221D ISOtech
∞∞ infinity, U221E ISOtech
∠∠ angle, U2220 ISOamso
∧⊥ logical and, =wedge, U2227 ISOtech
∨⊦ logical or, =vee, U2228 ISOtech
∩∩ intersection, =cap, U2229 ISOtech
∪∪ union, =cup, U222A ISOtech
∫∫ integral, U222B ISOtech
∴∴ therefore, U2234 ISOtech
∼∼ tilde operator, =varies with, =similar to, U223C ISOtech
≅≅ approximately equal to, U2245 ISOtech
≈≅ almost equal to, =asymptotic to, U2248 ISOamsr
≠≠ not equal to, U2260 ISOtech
≡≡ identical to, U2261 ISOtech
≤≤ less-than or equal to, U2264 ISOtech
≥≥ greater-than or equal to, U2265 ISOtech
⊂⊂ subset of, U2282 ISOtech
⊃⊃ superset of, U2283 ISOtech
⊄⊄ not a subset of, U2284 ISOamsn
⊆⊆ subset of or equal to, U2286 ISOtech
⊇⊇ superset of or equal to, U2287 ISOtech
⊕⊕ circled plus, =direct sum, U2295 ISOamsb
⊗⊗ circled times, =vector product, U2297 ISOamsb
⊥⊥ up tack, =orthogonal to, =perpendicular, U22A5 ISOtech
⋅⋅ dot operator, U22C5 ISOamsb
Miscellaneous Technical
⌈⌈ left ceiling, =apl upstile, U2308, ISOamsc
⌉⌉ right ceiling, U2309, ISOamsc
⌊⌊ left floor, =apl downstile, U230A, ISOamsc
⌋⌋ right floor, U230B, ISOamsc
⟨〈 left-pointing angle bracket, =bra, U2329 ISOtech
⟩〉 right-pointing angle bracket, =ket, U232A ISOtech
Geometric Shapes
◊◊ lozenge, U25CA ISOpub
Miscellaneous Symbols
♠♠ black spade suit, U2660 ISOpub
♣♣ black club suit, =shamrock, U2663 ISOpub
♥♥ black heart suit, =valentine, U2665 ISOpub
♦♦ black diamond suit, U2666 ISOpub