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XML Elements for Custom Privacy Import Files

Customized privacy settings can be imported into Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 using the XML elements defined below. See How to Create a Customized Privacy Import File for an overview on custom privacy import files and their structure.

XML ElementDefinition
alwaysReplayLegacy Specifies to always replay legacy cookies.
if Specifies a rule describing how to act on a cookie based on its compact policy
firstParty Specifies rules for first-party cookies.
flushCookies Specifies that all cookies be deleted when custom settings are loaded.
flushSiteList Specifies that the privacy per-site list be deleted when custom settings are loaded.
MSIEPrivacy Specifies custom privacy settings.
MSIEPrivacySettings Specifies cookie actions as a function of security zone, Web page context (first-party versus third-party), type (session cookie versus persistent cookie), and the content of a cookie's Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) compact policy.
MSIESiteRules Specifies privacy per-site rules for cookies.
p3pCookiePolicy Specifies how to handle cookies based on the P3P compact policy.
site Specifies the per-site rules for a Web site.
thirdParty Specifies rules for third-party cookies.


Note  Comments are not allowed in custom privacy import files.

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