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The gluUnProject function maps window coordinates to object coordinates.

int gluUnProject(
  GLdouble winx,
  GLdouble winy,
  GLdouble winz,
  const GLdouble modelMatrix[16],
  const GLdouble projMatrix[16],
  const GLint viewport[4],
  GLdouble *objx,
  GLdouble *objy,
  GLdouble *objz


winx, winy, winz
The window coordinates to be mapped.
The modelview matrix (as from a glGetDoublev call).
The projection matrix (as from a glGetDoublev call).
The viewport (as from a glGetIntegerv call).
objx, objy, objz
The computed object coordinates.

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return value is GL_TRUE.

If the function fails, the return value is GL_FALSE.


The gluUnProject function maps the specified window coordinates into object coordinates using modelMatrix, projMatrix, and viewport. The result is stored in objx, objy, and objz.


  Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows NT 3.5 or later.
  Windows 95/98: Requires Windows 95 or later. Available as a redistributable for Windows 95.
  Header: Declared in Glu.h.
  Library: Use Glu32.lib.

See Also

glGet, glGetDoublev, glGetIntegerv, gluProject


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