GLU Functions

This section includes reference pages, in alphabetical order, for all OpenGL Utility Library functions. For background information about these functions, see OpenGL Utility Library.

Function Description
gluBeginCurve, gluEndCurve The gluBeginCurve and gluEndCurve functions delimit a Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) curve definition.
gluBeginPolygon, gluEndPolygon The gluBeginPolygon and gluEndPolygon functions delimit a polygon description.
gluBeginSurface, gluEndSurface The gluBeginSurface and gluEndSurface functions delimit a NURBS surface definition.
gluBeginTrim, gluEndTrim The gluBeginTrim and gluEndTrim functions delimit a NURBS trimming loop definition.
gluBuild1DMipmaps The gluBuild1DMipmaps function creates 1-D mipmaps.
gluBuild2DMipmaps The gluBuild2DMipmaps function creates 2-D mipmaps.
gluCylinder The gluCylinder function draws a cylinder.
gluDeleteNurbsRenderer The gluDeleteNurbsRenderer function destroys a NURBS object.
gluDeleteQuadric The gluDeleteQuadric function destroys a quadric object.
gluDeleteTess The gluDeleteTess function destroys a tessellation object.
gluDisk The gluDisk function draws a disk.
gluErrorString The gluErrorString function produces an error string from an OpenGL or GLU error code. The error string is ANSI only.
gluGetNurbsProperty The gluGetNurbsProperty function gets a NURBS property.
gluGetString The gluGetString function gets a string that describes the GLU version number or supported GLU extension calls.
gluGetTessProperty The gluGetTessProperty function gets a tessellation object property.
gluLoadSamplingMatrices The gluLoadSamplingMatrices function loads NURBS sampling and culling matrices.
gluLookAt The gluLookAt function defines a viewing transformation.
gluNewNurbsRenderer The gluNewNurbsRenderer function creates a NURBS object.
gluNewQuadric The gluNewQuadric function creates a quadric object.
gluNewTess The gluNewTess function creates a tessellation object.
gluNextContour The gluNextContour function marks the beginning of another contour.
gluNurbsCallback The gluNurbsCallback function defines a callback for a NURBS object.
gluNurbsCurve The gluNurbsCurve function defines the shape of a NURBS curve.
gluNurbsProperty The gluNurbsProperty function sets a NURBS property.
gluNurbsSurface The gluNurbsSurface function defines the shape of a NURBS surface.
gluOrtho2D The gluOrtho2D function defines a 2-D orthographic projection matrix.
gluPartialDisk The gluPartialDisk function draws an arc of a disk.
gluPerspective The gluPerspective function sets up a perspective projection matrix.
gluPickMatrix The gluPickMatrix function defines a picking region.
gluProject The gluProject function maps object coordinates to window coordinates.
gluPwlCurve The gluPwlCurve function describes a piecewise linear NURBS trimming curve.
gluQuadricCallback The gluQuadricCallback function defines a callback for a quadric object.
gluQuadricDrawStyle The gluQuadricDrawStyle function specifies the draw style desired for quadrics.
gluQuadricNormals The gluQuadricNormals function specifies what kind of normals are to be used for quadrics.
gluQuadricOrientation The gluQuadricOrientation function specifies inside or outside orientation for quadrics.
gluQuadricTexture The gluQuadricTexture function specifies whether quadrics are to be textured.
gluScaleImage The gluScaleImage function scales an image to an arbitrary size.
gluSphere The gluSphere function draws a sphere.
gluTessBeginContour, gluTessEndContour The gluTessBeginContour and gluTessEndContour functions delimit a contour description.
gluTessBeginPolygon, gluTessEndPolygon The gluTessBeginPolygon and gluTessEndPolygon functions delimit a polygon description.
gluTessCallback The gluTessCallback function defines a callback for a tessellation object.
gluTessNormal The gluTessNormal function specifies a normal for a polygon.
gluTessProperty The gluTessProperty function sets the property of a tessellation object.
gluTessVertex The gluTessVertex function specifies a vertex on a polygon.
gluUnProject The gluUnProject function maps window coordinates to object coordinates.


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