GdiplusStartupInput structure

Applies to: desktop apps only

The GdiplusStartupInput structure holds a block of arguments that are required by the GdiplusStartup function.


typedef struct {
  UINT32         GdiplusVersion;
  DebugEventProc DebugEventCallback;
  BOOL           SuppressBackgroundThread;
  BOOL           SuppressExternalCodecs;
} GdiplusStartupInput;



Type: UINT32

Specifies the version of GDI+. Must be 1.


Type: DebugEventProc

Pointer to a callback function that GDI+ can call, on debug builds, for assertions and warnings. The default value is NULL.


Type: BOOL

Boolean value that specifies whether to suppress the GDI+ background thread. If you set this member to TRUE, GdiplusStartup returns (in its output parameter) a pointer to a hook function and a pointer to an unhook function. You must call those functions appropriately to replace the background thread. If you do not want to be responsible for calling the hook and unhook functions, set this member to FALSE. The default value is FALSE.


Type: BOOL

Boolean value that specifies whether you want GDI+ to suppress external image codecs. GDI+ version 1.0 does not support external image codecs, so this parameter is ignored.


The GdiplusStartupInput structure provides a constructor that sets the GdiplusVersion member to 1 and allows you to specify values for the other three members. All of the constructor parameters are optional, so you can declare a variable of type GdiplusStartupInput without passing any arguments to the constructor, and all of the members will be initialized with appropriate default values.

If you set the SuppressBackgroundThread member of the GdiplusStartup input parameter to TRUE, you must call the hook and unhook functions returned in the output parameter. Call those functions before and after the application's main message loop; that is, a message loop that is active for the lifetime of GDI+. Call the hook function before the loop starts, and call the unhook function after the loop ends.


Minimum supported client

Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional

Minimum supported server

Windows 2000 Server


GDI+ 1.0


Gdiplusinit.h (include Gdiplus.h)

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