SolidBrush Functions

Windows GDI+ exposes a flat API that consists of about 600 functions, which are implemented in Gdiplus.dll and declared in Gdiplusflat.h. The functions in the GDI+ flat API are wrapped by a collection of about 40 C++ classes. It is recommended that you do not directly call the functions in the flat API. Whenever you make calls to GDI+, you should do so by calling the methods and functions provided by the C++ wrappers. Microsoft Product Support Services will not provide support for code that calls the flat API directly. For more information on using these wrapper methods, see GDI+ Flat API.

The following flat API functions are wrapped by the SolidBrush C++ class.

Brush Functions and Corresponding Wrapper Methods

Flat functionWrapper methodRemarks

GpStatus WINGDIPAPI GdipCreateSolidFill(ARGB color, GpSolidFill **brush)

SolidBrush::SolidBrush(IN const Color& color) Creates a SolidBrush object based on a color

GpStatus WINGDIPAPI GdipSetSolidFillColor(GpSolidFill *brush, ARGB color)

SolidBrush::SetColor(IN const Color& color) Gets the color of this solid brush

GpStatus WINGDIPAPI GdipGetSolidFillColor(GpSolidFill *brush, ARGB *color)

SolidBrush::GetColor(OUT Color* color) const Sets the color of this solid brush




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