onresume Event (deprecated)

This page documents a feature of HTML+TIME 1.0, which was released in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. We recommend that you migrate your content to the latest version of HTML+TIME, which implements the SMIL 2.0 Working Draft. See the Introduction to HTML+TIME overview for more information.

Fires when an element's timeline resumes from a paused state.


Inline HTML <ELEMENT onresume = "handler(event);" >
Event Property object.onresume = handler;
attachEvent object.attachEvent( "onresume", handler); Internet Explorer only
Named script <SCRIPT FOR = object EVENT = onresume> Internet Explorer only

Event Information

Bubbles No
Cancels No
To invoke Call the resume method.
Default action Calls the associated event handler.

Event Object Properties

Although event handlers in the DHTML Object Model do not receive parameters directly, a handler can query the event object for the following event properties.

Available Properties

srcElement Gets or sets the object that fired the event.
type Gets or sets the event name from the event object.

Refer to the specific event object for additional event properties.


The onresume event fires on every element that becomes active when the timeline resumes, including the body element.

Applies To

t:AUDIO, t:IMG, t:MEDIA, t:PAR, t:SEQ, time, t:VIDEO

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