syncTolerance Property (deprecated)

This page documents a feature of HTML+TIME 1.0, which was released in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. We recommend that you migrate your content to the latest version of HTML+TIME, which implements the SMIL 2.0 Working Draft. See the Introduction to HTML+TIME overview for more information.

Gets the time variance allowed on a timeline with locked synchronization.


Scripting [ sTime = ] object.syncTolerance

Possible Values

sTime String that receives the amount of time variance, in seconds, allowed between synchronized elements.

The property is read-only. The property has no default value.


This property is valid only for time containers with locked timelines, as defined using the t:SYNCBEHAVIOR attribute and the t:CLOCKSOURCE attribute. When the synchronization of locked elements is off by more than the syncTolerance value, the elements resynchronize.

Applies To

t:AUDIO, t:IMG, t:MEDIA, t:PAR, t:SEQ, time, t:VIDEO

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