stop Method

This topic documents a feature that is obsolete as of Windows Internet Explorer 7.

Obsolete. Stops playback of the media that is currently playing.



Return Value

No return value.


As of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Internet Explorer 7, the mediaBar feature is obsolete and no longer available.

stop was introduced in Internet Explorer 6.

When the current instance of the Media Bar behavior is unloaded—in other words, during dynamic navigation in the Media Bar  HTML content area, or when the content area is refreshed—the currently playing media stops. This design helps protect user privacy. However, developers should be aware of this functionality when designing dynamic content for the Media Bar content area, and consider other strategies to maintain the currently playing instance of the behavior. The iframe and IXMLHTTPRequest objects provide a couple of possibilities.

If a second call to the stop method is made within 10 seconds of the first call, the media pane loads a default page. This occurs even when the stop method call is made because the current instance of the Media Bar behavior is unloaded.

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