FOLDER Attribute | folder Property

This topic documents a feature of Binary Behaviors, which are obsolete as of Internet Explorer 10.

Sets or retrieves a namespace extension, address, or path.


XML <ELEMENT FOLDER = sFolder... >
Scripting [ sFolder = ] anchorClick.folder

Possible Values

sFolder String that specifies or receives a valid namespace extension, address, or path.

The property is read/write. The property has no default value.


Browsers that do not support the FOLDER attribute will navigate to the location specified in the HREF attribute. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 displays the value of the FOLDER attribute in the browser screen instead of the value of the HREF attribute.


This example uses the FOLDER attribute to specify a location to open in folder view.

   A {behavior:url(#default#AnchorClick);}

     The href points to folder.htm for documents not supported;
     the FOLDER attribute points to the local root.

<A HREF = "folder.htm" FOLDER = "/" >
Open Folder

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