TOOLBARDROPDOWNLIST Element | ToolbarDropDownList Object

Adds a ToolbarDropDownList element to a Toolbar.



Possible Values

namespace Prefix that associates a custom tag with an XML namespace. This prefix is set using the XMLNS attribute of the html tag.


To create the list of options for the ToolbarDropDownList, use the ListItem control.

This element is a block element.

This element requires a closing tag.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the ToolbarDropDownList object.

Attribute Property Description
DEFAULTSTYLE Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the default style for the element.
HOVERSTYLE Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the style of the element when the user hovers the keyboard focus or mouse pointer over it.
selectedIndex Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the index of the selected object.
SELECTEDSTYLE Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the style for the selected element.
Event Description
onchange Fires when an OPTION element is selected in a ToolbarDropDownList or when the ToolbarTextBox has changed and loses focus.
Method Description
getAttribute Retrieves the value of the specified attribute.
getOptions Retrieves a collection of the child OPTION objects of the ToolbarDropDownList object.
getType Retrieves the type of item.
remove Removes the item from the Toolbar object.
setAttribute Sets the value of the specified attribute.


The following example shows how to use the TOOLBARDROPDOWNLIST element to add a drop-down list to a Toolbar.

<?import namespace="TOOLBAR" implementation="">


<TOOLBAR:TOOLBAR STYLE="display:inline" ID="oToolBar">


        <OPTION VALUE="Item 1">Item 1</OPTION>
        <OPTION VALUE="Item 2">Item 2</OPTION>
        <OPTION VALUE="Item 3">Item 3</OPTION>
        <OPTION VALUE="Item 4">Item 4</OPTION>


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