StoreID Property (Message Object)

Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09

The StoreID property represents the unique identifier for the message store that contains the message. Read-only.



You can save the ID and StoreID properties of this message in order to recall it later with the Session objects GetMessage method.

The StoreID property is not exposed on AppointmentItem objects created by Microsoft® Schedule+, and it is not automatically set when you create an appointment within a CDO application until you call the Update method. In these cases, the application must assign a value to StoreID or an attempt to read it returns CdoE_NOT_FOUND.

The StoreID property corresponds to the MAPI property PR_STORE_ENTRYID, converted to a string of hexadecimal characters. It can be rendered into HTML hypertext using the CDO Rendering ObjectRenderer object. To specify this, set the object renderer's DataSource property to this Message object and the property parameter of the RenderProperty method to CdoPR_STORE_ENTRYID.