IMailMsgPropertyManagement Interface

Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 6/8/2004

The IMailMsgPropertyManagement interface defines methods used to allocate new property identifier ranges or enumerate existing property identifier ranges for a MailMsg object.





Method Description


Allocates and reserves a range of property identifiers scoped using a globally unique identifier (GUID).


Enumerates the current property identifier range for a particular globally unique identifer (GUID).

Transport envelope properties for a MailMsg object are indexed using DWORD identifiers. Event sinks can allocate ranges of identifiers to store custom properties in the MailMsg object. The AllocPropIDRange is used to reserve a range of identifier values, and the EnumPropIDRange method is used to enumerate the values of a particular range. These ranges are uniquely identified (scoped) using a supplied globally unique identifier (GUID).

When implementing a transport event sink or sinks, use AllocPropIDRange to reserve a set of custom identifier values if your application needs to persist envelope properties for each MailMsg object handled. These properties are uniquely scoped using a GUID value, and remain with the object for the duration of its transit through the transport system. Use the EnumPropIDRange to identify the currently reserved property identifier ranges identified by various GUID namespaces.