Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09


An object providing access to a MAPI property on a CDO Library object. CDO applications can access a field using the Field object.

File Transfer Protocol

See FTP.


A container object that holds messages and other folders. CDO applications can access a folder using the Folder object. See alsochild folder, parent folder, personal folder, public folder.

folder view

A predefined, persistent table view defined individually for a particular folder.


An object specifying rendering information for exactly one property on an object being rendered. CDO applications can access a format using the Format object.


A partition of a computer screen used by a browser to display images from HTML. Unless the HTML sent to the browser includes <FRAMESET> and <FRAME> tags, the display uses a single frame occupying the entire screen.


(File Transfer Protocol) A client/server protocol used on the World Wide Web to transfer a file from a server to a client. FTP is based on the TCP/IP protocol.