Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09


(Internet Information Services) A Web server integrated into Windows NT server. Microsoft IIS is required to access applications based on Microsoft ASP.


Associating a set of Windows NT security credentials with an execution thread. This enables the thread to log on to a session.


The definition of a class of objects of similar behavior. An object is an instance of one or more interfaces. The COM architecture is the foundation for Microsoft interfaces.


A worldwide hierarchy of computer networks using a variety of protocols. At its highest level the Internet is connected by backbone networks such as ARPAnet, NSFNet, and MILNET. The backbones connect transit networks, which in turn connect stub networks. Logically, Internet participants are represented by a domain such as .com, .org, and .edu, by a logical network within the domain, and by a server within the logical network. An example of a logical address is “www.example.com”.

Internet Information Server

See IIS.

Internet Server Application Programming Interface


IPM subtree

The hierarchy of folders for all interpersonal messages. An interpersonal message is sent or received by human users rather than applications or processes. It has a message class that starts with IPM, such as IPM.Note.


(Internet Server Application Programming Interface) A Microsoft interface for writing in-process extensions to IIS. ASP is an ISAPI application.