Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09

Microsoft provides several sample applications and sample wizards that illustrate the use of Microsoft® Collaboration Data Objects (CDO). In general, each of these samples performs a discrete messaging function, such as letting a user log on to access a Microsoft® Exchange mailbox.

For information on obtaining and installing the sample applications, see Installation and Use.

To use these samples, you need Microsoft Exchange Server installed on your system. Because these samples make use of the CDO libraries, the Active Server™ components of Microsoft Exchange must also be installed. (Install them by selecting the Outlook Web Access option when installing Microsoft Exchange Server.).

The samples described in this section are shown in the following list. Within the first group (Sample Applications), the first ones perform the basic types of logging on and are followed by a simple discussion forum application. Then several applications cover nuts-and-bolts tasks such as sending e-mail. Finally, the pieces are put together in useful and illustrative applications such as Windows CE Mail, an online organization chart, and two applications based on the Discussion Forum — Culinary Corner (for restaurant reviews), and Classified Ads. The second group lists the sample wizards that ship with Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 or later.