IProviderAdmin : IUnknown
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IProviderAdmin : IUnknown

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Works with service providers in a message service.

Header file:


Exposed by:

Provider administration objects

Implemented by:


Called by:

Client applications and service providers

Interface identifier:


Pointer type:



Returns a MAPIERROR structure that contains information about the previous error that occurred to the provider administration object.


Provides access to the message service's provider table, a list of the service providers in the message service.


Adds a service provider to the message service.


Deletes a service provider from the message service.


Opens a profile section from the current profile and returns an IProfSect pointer for further access.

Clients can get a pointer to an IProviderAdmin interface by calling the IMsgServiceAdmin::AdminProviders method; service providers are passed an IProviderAdmin pointer when their message service's entry point function is called.

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