Is24HourClock Property (ContainerRenderer Object)

Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09

Important  The Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) 1.2.1 Rendering objects are not installed by or supported for use with Exchange Server 2003 or later.

The Is24HourClock property indicates whether the calendar is to be rendered in 12-hour or 24-hour mode. Read/write.



The Is24HourClock property is used when a CalendarView is applied to the container object's CurrentView property. Set Is24HourClock to True to render in 24-hour mode, or False to render in 12-hour mode.

The Is24HourClock property can be set from the Session object's "Is24HourClock" option. It defaults to False if not set. The session's options are set by its SetOption method and retrieved with its GetOption method.

The session's "Is24HourClock" option and the container renderer's Is24HourClock property are not automatically kept in synchronization. Changing one does not cause the other to be changed. Your application is responsible for setting each of them as appropriate.