Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09


Code that is run in an application for a special purpose. Script can be in any scripting language.

scripting language

Any language, such as Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript) or Microsoft® JScript®, that can compile or interpret special script.

server-side script

Script that is decoded and run at a Web server.


An active connection between a client application and the MAPI subsystem. A session is begun when a messaging user logs on to the system and references a profile. The profile determines the available messaging operations and the service providers available to handle the operations. CDO applications can access a session using the Session object.

small collection

A collection for which the service provider maintains an accurate count of member objects. You can directly access individual members of the collection using an index. Currently, the large collections are the AddressLists, Attachments, Columns, Fields, Formats, InfoStores, Patterns, Recipients, and Views collections.


A child folder contained in a parent folder.