Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09

table view

A view specifying a tabular rendering of a container object. CDO applications can access a table view using the TableView object. See alsocommon view, custom view, folder view, and personal view.


(Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol) One of the most commonly used protocol suites on the Internet. IP is a network layer protocol that handles packet switching, fragmentation, and routing. TCP is a transport layer protocol built on top of IP and handles flow control, multiplexing, and error control.

top-level object

A CDO libraries object that can be defined directly from a program and does not have to be derived from another already-defined object. Currently, the top-level objects are the CDO Session object and the CDO Rendering ContainerRenderer, ObjectRenderer, and RenderingApplication objects. For more information, see Top-Level Objects and CDO Rendering Objects.


A service provider responsible for transferring messages between a message store and an underlying messaging system that delivers the messages.