Microsoft Outlook HTML Form Converter

Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09

To create forms that Web users both within and outside your organization can use, start with the built-in form-creation capability of Microsoft® Outlook™ 97 (version 8.03 or later) or Microsoft Outlook 98 and finish with the Microsoft Outlook HTML Form Converter. This converter provides a way to convert a form designed and created in Microsoft Outlook into a form usable on the Web — that is, a form created from HTML and ASP code.

Note   You cannot convert forms created using the Electronic Form Designer (EFD). Only forms created with Microsoft Outlook can be converted.

After conversion, these HTML/ASP forms can be used by anyone running Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA). To obtain Microsoft Outlook Web Access, install it from the Microsoft® Exchange Server version 5.5 distribution CD by following the steps in Installing Microsoft Outlook Web Access. For additional requirements, see Software Requirements. For more information on using HTML forms through Microsoft Outlook Web Access, see Using HTML Forms.

To install the Outlook HTML Form Converter, run the FCsetup.exe program in the \Eng\Formscnv folder on the distribution CD of Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5. The Form Converter runs only on English versions of Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, and Microsoft Windows NT. The Form Converter is installed by default in a folder called Microsoft Outlook Form Converter.

After the setup program has finished, you can start the Form Converter by clicking Start and pointing to Programs. Then, on the Programs menu, click the link MicrosoftOutlook HTML Form Converter.