MeetingType Property (MeetingItem Object)

Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09

The MeetingType property returns the type of this meeting item. Read-only.



The MeetingType property is set automatically by the Send method when you send a meeting request from an AppointmentItem object and when you send a response from an AppointmentItem or MeetingItem object. MeetingType can have exactly one of the following values:

MeetingType value

Decimal value




This meeting item is a meeting request or cancellation.



This meeting item is a response to a meeting request.

The message class of the MeetingItem object depends on whether it is being sent by the meeting organizer or by a recipient. Meeting items from the organizer have message class IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request or IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Canceled, depending on the setting of the MeetingStatus property on the originating AppointmentItem object. Meeting items from a recipient have a message class as described in the Respond method.

Calendar folders are not supported in the public folders store provided with Microsoft® Exchange, and MeetingItem objects are stored as Message objects. An attempt to read MeetingType in this case returns CdoE_NO_SUPPORT.