ReplyTime Property (AppointmentItem Object)

Exchange Server 2003

Topic Last Modified: 2004-06-09

The ReplyTime property returns or sets the date/time a recipient replies to the meeting request associated with this appointment. Read/write.


Variant (vbDate format)

The ReplyTime property is not meaningful on the original AppointmentItem object held in the calendar folder of the meeting's Organizer. Instead, ReplyTime is used on the AppointmentItem object created in the calendar folder of each meeting request recipient that calls Respond with a parameter of either CdoResponseAccepted or CdoResponseTentative. The recipient can access the associated appointment with the MeetingItem object's GetAssociatedAppointment method.

The ReplyTime property does not have a default value. If you attempt to read it when it has never been set, it returns CdoE_NOT_FOUND. The current version of CDO does not set ReplyTime, so your application should set it when you reply to the meeting request:

   Dim objMtgReq As MeetingItem ' received meeting request
   Dim objMtgRsp As MeetingItem ' response to meeting request
   Dim objAssocAppt As AppointmentItem ' associated appointment
   Set objMtgRsp = objMtgReq.Respond(CdoResponseAccepted)
   Set objAssocAppt = objMtgRsp.GetAssociatedAppointment
   objAssocAppt.ReplyTime = Now ' log response time
   objMtgRsp.Send ' saves a copy of the response by default

Calendar folders are not supported in the public folders store provided with Microsoft® Exchange, and AppointmentItem objects are stored as Message objects. An attempt to read or write ReplyTime in this case returns CdoE_NO_SUPPORT.

Changes you make to properties on an AppointmentItem object take effect when you call the Send or Update method.