IIS Admin Objects

IIS 6.0

The following illustration shows the hierarchy of admin objects that are used by WMI and ADSI to reference configurable locations in the metabase. Orange nodes are not available in IIS 5.1 and earlier versions. Admin objects are used when configuring IIS using the IIS ADSI and WMI providers, or System.DirectoryServices. You can also reference this illustration if you are manually configuring the IIS metabase file directly to ensure that you are adding nodes in the correct location.


In the IIS WMI provider, each admin object listed below contains the read-only properties and methods of the object, and has a matching Setting object that contains the writable properties. For example, you can set the writable properties of the IIsWebServer object by using an instance of the IIsWebServerSetting object. WMI is not available on IIS 5.1 an earlier.

A similar diagram, which uses friendly names instead of admin object names, is available in the section titled "Internal Structure" in the Metabase Structure topic.

For information about the properties apply to each object, see the Configurable Locations section of individual metabase property topics in IIS Metabase Properties.

IIS Metabase Structure of Admin Objects