Request.BinaryRead Method

IIS 6.0

The BinaryRead method retrieves data sent to the server from the client as part of a POST request. This method retrieves the data from the client and stores it in a SafeArray. A SafeArray is an array that contains information about the number of dimensions and the bounds of its dimensions.

retVal = BinaryRead(


Before execution, specifies how many bytes to read from the client. After this method returns, count contains the number of bytes successfully read from the client. The total number of bytes that will actually be read is less than or equal to Request.TotalBytes.

Contains an array of unsigned bytes returned by this method. This parameter will be of type VT_ARRAY | VT_UI1, which is a variant array of unsigned, one-byte characters.

The BinaryRead method is used to read the raw data sent by the client as part of a POST request. This method is used for low-level access to this data, as opposed to, for example, using the Request.Form collection to view form data sent in a POST request. After you have used BinaryRead, referring to any variable in the Request.Form collection causes an error. Conversely, after you have referred to a variable in the Request.Form collection, using BinaryWrite will cause an error. Remember, if you access a variable in the Request collection without specifying which subcollection it belongs to, the Request.Form collection may be searched, bringing this rule into force.

The following example uses the BinaryRead method to place the content of a request into a SafeArray.

  Dim vntPostedData, lngCount 
  lngCount = Request.TotalBytes 
  vntPostedData = Request.BinaryRead(lngCount) 

Client: Requires Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

Server: Requires Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows NT Server 4.0.

Product: IIS