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IIS 6.0

The AspLCID property specifies the default locale identifier (LCID) for an application. LCIDs define how dates, times, and currencies are formatted. LCIDs are not the same for each geographical locale.

Override this setting at the page level by using the ASP page directive, @LCID for literal strings, or one of the LCID properties of the ASP built-in Response or Session objects for dynamic data. If this property is set to 0 at any node, the system default locale (LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT) is inferred. Setting AspLCID changes the locale for both the ASP application and the scripting engine. Using the Microsoft Visual Basic ® Scripting Edition (VBScript) function setLocale() only changes the locale for the scripting engine.


The locale group has to be installed on the Web server before its locale identifier can be specified in a Web page or application. Use the Regional and Language Options item in Control Panel to install locale groups.

This property is an application-level property.

You can configure this property at the following locations in the IIS metabase.

Metabase Path

IIS Admin Object Type











There are no flags for this property.

Client: Requires or Windows XP Professional.

Server: Requires or Windows Server 2003.

Product: IIS

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