Admin Base Objects in IIS

IIS 6.0

This section describes how the Admin Base Objects (ABO) configure the IIS metabase. It is recommended that you read IIS Configuration using the Metabase and Metabase Structure before working with ABO.

The IIS Admin Base Objects (ABO) are Distributed COM (DCOM) objects. ABO configures IIS by implementing the IMSAdminBase interfaces, which contain methods that enable applications to manipulate keys and data in the in-memory metabase of IIS.

You can use ABO from COM-compliant languages such as C, C++, or Visual Basic to build applications that manage and configure an IIS server. ABO is not scriptable and cannot be used from scripting languages such as JScript or VBScript.

For code examples that use ABO, see Using ABO to Configure IIS

This section includes the following topics: