IIS 6.0

The IServer::Transfer method sends the current state information to a specified URL for processing.

HRESULT Transfer(
      BSTR bstrLogicalPath


[in] A BSTR specifying the path for the .asp file to transfer processing to.

If the path you specify in the input parameter is for an .asp file in another application, the .asp file will execute as if it were in the application that contains the server.transfer command. All variables and objects that have been given application scope either by other ASP pages in the Application or by the Application's Global.asa file will be available to the called .asp file.

The IServer::Transfer method returns the ASP 0173 error, "Invalid Path Character", if the Path parameter contains any of the following characters:

  • Asterisk (*)

  • Question mark (?)

  • Angle brackets (< or >)

  • Comma (,)

  • Colon or semi-colon (: or ;)

  • Single-quote or double-quote (' or ")

  • Right square bracket (])

  • Double slashes (// or \\)

Client: Requires Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

Server: Requires Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows NT Server 4.0.

Product: IIS