About IIS Programmatic Administration

IIS 6.0

This section describes concepts about IIS architecture, security, management features, content development technologies, and other introductory information related to IIS.

IIS is a component of the Windows operating system. You can use IIS to host and manage Web sites and other Internet content. Before using IIS, you must obtain an IP address and a DNS server, and configure your network appropriately.

This section includes the following topics.



IIS Architecture

Briefly describes the internal architecture of different versions of IIS, how IIS processes requests from clients, how IIS applications are isolated from one another, and the security identities of IIS processes and threads.

IIS Security

Describes the security features of IIS, including the state of IIS when it is installed, and the identities of various application types.

IIS Configuration Storage

Describes how IIS stores configuration data. Configuration data describes where the content of a Web site is stored, who can view content, how Web sites are configured, and how IIS operates.

IIS Administration Technologies

Describes the manual and programmatic administration features of IIS. Administration is defined as changing the configuration on an IIS server.

IIS Logging

Describes the logging features of IIS, and how to access IIS logs programmatically and manually.

Other Resources for IIS Administrators

Contains links to resources such as communities, newsgroups, support sites, downloads, developer libraries, product information, and news.

Version Differences in IIS Administration Features

Describes important differences in default behavior and settings between IIS 4.0, IIS 5.0, IIS 5.1, and IIS 6.0.